If you need to get something printed, you have the option of using traditional printing techniques or for the more modern option, digital printing. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of opting for digital printing for your next print job.

Reduced Cost

Traditional printing uses printing plates which are set with every colour which needs to be reproduced in the design. Setting these plates is a time consuming and a skilled job which adds to the setup cost of any print run. Opting for traditional printing would mean that you would need to pay for each plate which is required. However, because digital printing uses computer generated files to transmit information to the printer, it does not rely on physical plates, and so it will not cost as much to complete your print run.

Increased Flexibility

Another advantage of choosing to use a digital printing service is that it increases the amount of flexibility you have during the printing process. If after the first print run, you wish to make some changes to the design, this can be easily done. Rather than having to reset various plates, the printer can simply access the electronic file and quickly edit the digital data. Digital printing also makes it much easier to produce customised prints as the set up for each run can be quickly changed to suit your needs.

Improved Quality

The quality of digital printing far exceeds other types of printing such as screen or offset printing. Because screen and offset printing involve the human touch, small imperfections will appear on each print. However, because digital printing does not rely on human input to produce the design or the print, each image or text will be free of any human error which means you can enjoy prints which are of a consistent quality.

Greater Versatility

The final advantage of choosing to go with digital printing is that it offers you a greater level of versatility when choosing materials. Digital printing enables you to print on a wide variety of materials and surfaces. The UV ink used by modern digital printers can be applied to wood, glass and PVC. Provided you can fit the material into the digital printer; you will be able to print on it.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of digital printing, you should contact a professional print service today for further help and advice.