It is difficult for small retail businesses to operate without paperwork, especially when the business is in its initial stages. You need paperwork to record sales, issue receipts or keep records of orders as the business scales over time. One thing that comes in handy during this stage is carbonless forms. They help you write down stuff in multiple copies, allowing you to retain information exactly as you recorded it the first time. They save you from worrying about losing information in translation or having to write something repeatedly. The carbonless forms create perfect duplicates for record-keeping. Here are some of the specifications you should look out for when printing carbonless papers.

You Need a Variety of Sizes

When you want to print carbonless forms for your business, think about the variety of sizes you can get from your service provider. The size depends on the specific needs of your business. Some of the common standard sizes include eight and a half by eleven inches, eight and a half by five and a half inches, and eight by five inches.

Types of Carbonless Forms

Essentially, the type of form refers to the number of sheets you need for documenting a certain scenario. Different colours differentiate the sheets to remind you that one of the forms will be a copy of the one you write on. For example, a 2-part form comprises two sheets. The first one, for instance, could be white and the second sheet can be yellow. Similarly, a 3-part form has three sheets and so on. You can go as high as a 5-part form depending on the needs of your business processes.

Meeting Artwork Requirements

The carbonless forms you choose speak volumes about the quality of your business. The forms not only help keep records between you and the client but also act as a marketing tool for those who are likely to encounter them outside your business premises. Therefore, it makes sense to get your forms from someone who pays attention to layering the artwork and delivering an accurate die-line. Your logo, taglines and relevant information need to blend in well on the form.

All the text contents should stand out well on the form without coming into the way of the stuff you will write on the form later on. Working with service providers who understand essential colour matching techniques, such as PMS printing, is key for achieving all this.

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