If you are planning on using carbonless forms in your business operations, you should learn about the options available from your specialist supplier. In general, these forms eliminate the need for using carbon paper when printing or filling in items like reports, invoices, receipts and tickets. The carbonless surfaces have a special coating of encapsulated ink that creates copies while ensuring the duplicates are clean and clear. However, the quality of a carbonless form can vary depending on the instructions given to the supplier. Here are simple guidelines for getting the best outcome from these print items.  

Understand Sheet Needs

You should know your requirements with regard to the sheets when purchasing carbonless forms. Usually, these items are supplied in standard formats, which are sufficient for covering general business needs. You can avoid the stress of selection by opting for standardised forms. Then, the papers can be customised with your business information. If you are not sure about using the regular versions, understand the sheet sizes available. Then, inform them about the number of form parts you need for your application. Your supplier can create collated forms with these basic details.

Check on Customisation

When making your order, inquire about the level of customisation offered for carbonless forms. Most people prefer basic items, but your specific use might be different. Therefore, a little uniqueness might be exactly what you need. For example, carbonless forms are usually printed in a simple black colour throughout the paper. If you would like a little more visual interest, check if your printing shop can handle two or more colours. You should also inquire about the colours of the different parts of the carbonless forms. Check if you can choose the specific colours of the sheets and their order. Personalisation should be possible unless you have chosen pre-printed and pre-collated forms.

Avoid Top Wrinkling

The wrinkling at the top of carbonless forms is not uncommon. These papers are created by coating the surfaces with tiny capsules of dye. Unfortunately, the technique used during coating can cause some significant bleeding. Consequently, you might notice the top edge of your forms is a little wrinkled. This problem is hard to avoid, but you can avoid making it prominent. Consider leaving a blank white space at the top of your forms when planning for printing. This header will make any edge imperfections appear minute. Finally, if you are going to file your carbonless copies after use, check with your printing expert on the possibility of having the forms punched during production. 

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