As a small business owner, you understand the importance of marketing and branding. You may have used a variety of different techniques to help promote your organisation and are now turning to prominent, larger-scale solutions for a major campaign ahead. What do you need to know about the different types of print banners available and how the material chosen can affect usability and performance?

What Are the Options?

Banner marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make a statement about any business and to help promote products or services. One of the big decisions you have to make at the outset before rolling out a campaign like this is what type of material to use. Essentially, you will need to select between canvas or vinyl.


A canvas banner will typically be printed on woven polyester fabric that is known for its readability and great appearance in all types of lighting. It has a nonreflective finish and looks good in either artificial or natural light.


The vinyl alternative can give you a number of different options. For example, "white matte" banners have a higher-grade composition and are coated with PVC. You can use them to promote your best and brightest designs, even though they have a matte finish. Did you know that you can also have these particular banners made from biodegradable materials? This may be of interest if you are producing a large number of them for a one-off event, as they can be relegated to the landfill if needed.

Outdoor Preference

You may also like to consider white mesh vinyl. These can be particularly useful if they are to be kept in an outdoor environment for the long term. The mesh make-up will allow wind to pass through the actual banner to a certain extent and therefore it won't be so susceptible to ripping. This type of banner is also well suited to rainy conditions, although it doesn't do so well in very cold weather, as this can make the banner quite brittle.

Indoor Solutions

If you're going to be using your banner indoors, then either canvas or vinyl can work well, although many marketers believe that the vinyl option is best if your clients will see the product up close. The mesh vinyl option is not recommended in this situation, however, as you may be able to see right through it from short distances.

Making Your Choice

Choose your banner material according to where the item will be displayed and how long it will be displayed for. Should you need any additional advice, get in touch with printers that specialise in this modality.