Most small business owners understand that they need to have some kind of image that depicts their business and helps them to stand out from everybody else. Usually, this is simply a logo that they may have invested a little money in to get designed when they set up shop. However, in terms of real branding and marketing, a logo is only a small part of the story. Why is it important to paint a bigger picture, and what elements should be considered?


To re-establish your brand, you have to combine a powerful logo with a number of other elements that will tell a compelling and unique story about your service, product or general business. The logo is very important, but it needs to be part of a whole corporate identity.

Strategies to Consider

Firstly, are you sure that your logo is serving you well? Perhaps it is time to get a professional designer to come up with something fresh and modern. Once you have an updated logo, you can use elements of it to create an overall brand image.

For example, perhaps you can include one of the colours as your overall identity, which can be used for various other design elements on your letterhead. Any vertical or horizontal lines should be reproduced using this specific pantone number. Perhaps you can use a separate icon from within your logo as another identifier in the footer. Carry these elements across into your website and ensure that you don't promote or publish anything without making sure that your brand identity is complete.

Like it or not, the sheer amount of data in the marketplace demands that you produce your own comprehensive messaging strategy in order to be noticed. This data needs to be presented in ways that engage and excite. The information that you put out there has to be, in turn, designed properly using icons, symbols and consistent colour. You will be able to present statistical information about your business in such a way that your audience will instantly understand it is related to you, while they are absorbing your desired message.

Place of Work

Don't forget about your place of business, either. You should reproduce your brand identity here so that your staff and visitors all feel part of your journey. This extends from the welcome signage at the threshold all the way through internal signage and other solutions.

Moving Forward

Graphic design must be considered carefully whenever your brand needs to be front and centre. Get in touch with a professional graphic design artist, to start creating your brand.