If you're going to a trade show, an industry convention or a similar type of event, you may be wondering what type of swag to give out. There are all kinds of options, but instead of the tired old T-shirts and tote bags, you may want to try something new — promotional USBs. Here are five reasons you should consider them.

1. People Actually Use Them

A lot of swag gets tossed in a drawer, donated to charity shops or never used at all. That makes it worthless for both you and the recipient. The whole point of swag is to working as a branding tool. Promotional USBs can work in this regard because they are something that people actually use.

2. People Share USBs

Of course, using the promotional item is just the first step. For it to make a branding impact, you want the item to be used while the person is out of the house. For instance, if you put your logo on a shirt, you want the recipient to wear it places so that others see it.

USBs are ideal for this purpose because people often share them. If someone makes a mixtape and puts it on a USB stick or downloads a work file to that stick, they may give the USB to someone else. That helps get your brand and logo out.

3. Students and Professionals Use USBs

It's also important to think about the demographic that uses your promotional item. When it comes to USBs, the group is often going to be students or professionals. Even if your USB gets taken to a thrift shop, the person who eventually buys it and uses it is likely to be a student or a professional. That is a great audience to target for all kinds of business niches.

4. USBs Are Tiny

When someone is walking around an event, they may end up collecting swag from all kinds of people and companies. If they are overloaded, they may say no to your offering. That isn't a risk with USBs, however, Anyone can easily pop the USB in their pockets.

5. USBs Can Be Interactive

You can give promotional USBs away with nothing on them, but that isn't the only option. This type of promotional gear also opens the door to interactive marketing. You could save a video, a digital brochure or a million other items on the USB before you hand it out.