If you have a lot of employees and you frequently run training sessions, you may want to print out your training documents. Creating hard copies with an office printer offers numerous benefits, and it can be more effective than a PowerPoint or digital presentation on its own. Here's why you may want to continue printing training documents.

1. Makes It Easier for Trainees to Follow Along

Trainees can watch a presentation projected onto a film screen, but many trainees find it easier to follow along if they have the documents in front of them. This is especially true in crowded training rooms. In addition, with printed documents, trainees can refer to previous pages and ask questions if the slides are moving along too quickly.

2. Gives Trainees a Spot to Make Notes

Additionally, with printed training documents, the employees can make notes right on the documents. Because some of the information is already there, they can just jot down quick points.

If they didn't have the printed documents in front of them, they would have to write down a lot more information every time they took a note. That could get time-consuming and distracting. Whilst writing a long note, employees may lose track of what's happening in the training session. Printed documents help minimise this risk. You can even opt to leave spaces for note-taking in the margins or below each training module.

3. Allows Employees to Review at Home

When you use the office printer to print training materials, employees have something tangible they can take home with them. Then, they can review the materials and figure out if they have questions. That can help improve their retention of the material.

In most cases, you can't require an employee to look at the materials after work without compensation. However, many employees may opt to do it anyway. If the materials aren't printed, they likely won't consider it.

4. Creates Long-Term Visual Reminder

The printed training materials can be beneficial long after training is over. Employees may hang the materials in their cubicle or keep them in a desk drawer and refer to them as needed. In the long term, those visual reminders can help to keep people on track so they don't forget elements from training.

Printed documents are still essential. As a business owner or office manager, you should still use your office printer to create beautiful, functional materials that can help everyone in your office. Training documents are just the start. Watch for office printer sales to save even more time and money on creating your own training materials.